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Art Class Curriculum

Art Curriculum, Pastimes for a LifetimeDrawing and painting courses in 10 different mediums are taught as private lessons in a small group setting. Students work at their own pace on their own projects in a pleasant non-competitive studio setting. ONLINE ART CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE ON ZOOM! FAQs

Students as young as 7 can begin building a solid foundation in drawing techniques starting on the very first day of classes. Whether you are younger or older, a newbie or an old pro, Pastimes has classes to develop your creativity.

Founder/Instructor Linda Wehrli has developed a unique curriculum that helps students build skills, style and confidence with a solid foundation of basics. Classes are tailored to each student’s abilities and learning style. “This is not ‘three circles make a snowman’ “, says Linda Wehrli.
During an initial free consultation, Linda will assess a student’s skill level, goals and interests. The more experienced student can better determine which medium he/she chooses to explore. From there, the student will continue to build knowledge and expand upon fundamental techniques, such as shading, coloring mixing and more.

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Each course comes with a fun and informative Project Booklet containing the Certificate of Completion necessary to move on to the next level.

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