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Linda truly cares about the arts and makes it her mission to expose her students to different techniques and styles. Her intimate class size allows her to spend time with each student.

S.W. and C.W., Glendale

I know what you do with Dhruv goes way beyond imparting piano knowledge and skill. In no uncertain terms, it is shaping him into the adult he will be. My gratitude for you has no words. My job as a parent is really to surround him with highly accomplished people who set a high bar and let his perspectives shape and develop. This is my only recourse to ensure my many limitations won’t become his.

VK, Sherman Oaks

We are very impressed with the art studio. Mrs. Wehrli has created a wonderful atmosphere for art lovers to learn in… She is an excellent teacher who guides each student individually with great care and attention.

P.A. and D.A., Van Nuys

I am a great believer in the contributions of the arts to education. I have tried several different programs for my children with mixed satisfaction. I have been extremely satisfied and gratified by what they have gained in many areas of skill and art appreciation as a result of the education they are receiving from Linda Wehrli. Her program has been rich, diverse and rewarding.

D.S., North Hollywood

I want to let you know how frequently we thank our lucky stars that we found you to teach piano to Megan, two years ago. Although she had taken lessons for six years prior to you, she had never learned to love the simple act of playing—your bringing her to that awareness is greater than any skills she could have learned. Of course, it is also true that your skills as an instructor help, especially technique and theory, and your own love of piano is infectious. Megan no longer needs to be reminded to practice, her skills have advanced at an amazing rate, and she looks forward to her piano lesson. Thank you so much for helping her achieve a love of music that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

R.M., Toluca Lake

It’s been a little more than a year since I started taking piano lessons from Linda Wehrli. I am quite pleased with my progress, thanks principally to Linda’s tutelage. There is no doubt that her instruction and professionalism would greatly assist any individual interested in learning to play the piano. Her instruction books are logically and simply designed, providing a clear roadmap for the student I also feel that Linda conveys a distinctive love of music that is so important in the teaching of any musical instrument. Because of the personal and professional qualities that I have observed in Linda Wehrli, I highly recommend her as a teacher for any beginning, intermediate or advanced student.

J.M., Glendale

Our son, Andrew Fisher has been taking piano lessons with Linda Wehrli for the last two years. During this time Andrew has improved his sight-reading and now understands the tempo and tone each piece of music requires. Linda’s love of music and the piano has inspired Andrew to further his learning more difficult pieces. We highly recommend Linda and her program, Pastimes for a Lifetime to anyone who aspires to be a great pianist.

J.F. & R.F., Sherman Oaks