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Founder/Instructor Linda Wehrli


Adventure of a Lifetime …

Hello! My name is Linda Wehrli.
I’m an art and piano teacher based in Valley Glen, California.

I like sharing my joy and passion for art and music and helping students of all ages and backgrounds discover theirs.

My students are my inspiration. More than anything else, I care about helping them achieve their goals and delight their souls.

Learning to draw, paint or play the piano is hard. I’ve developed a robust no-nonsense curriculum for each course, that provides unique, actionable information. I wish I had these programs back in my day. My unpleasant experiences with various art and piano programs and instructors turned out to be my best teachers. They not only taught me what not to do, but emphasized the importance of teaching with humor and humility!

My personal mantra is from American novelist and science fiction writer, Robert Anson Heinlein: “When one teaches, two learn.”

I’ve been committed to continuing lifelong learning and inspiring creative thinking through art and music since 1989. These are pastimes that will last a lifetime.

The drawing bug bit me at age 5 and the painting bug at age 12. Formal training from art professors at California State University, Northridge and a variety of private art studios gave me roots. Master classes over the years give me wings. I continue to experiment and search out new ways to use and combine techniques and mediums and enjoy sharing my discoveries with my students.


Linda Wehrli B&W Still LifeLinda Wehrli Color Oil Still LifeLinda Wehrli Palm Study in OilLinda Wehrli Oil French Window Study


I blend my art curriculum with precision and creativity keeping it educational, informative and entertaining. You gotta combine respect for structure with curiosity for innovation to keep it real and engaging.

When I’m not drawing or painting, you can find me tickling the ivories on our 1903 Mason & Hamlin Parlour Grand. (We joke that it was my dowry.) I’m currently obsessed with composers Remo Pignoni, Federico Mompou and Joaquin Turino. Argentine and Spanish piano music gets my pulse racing.

My other passion is accompanying my friends in duets and trios. There might be a CD recorded, yet!


Linda Wehrli and Ljiljana LukicLinda Wehrli and Caroline CowardLinda Wehrli and Roman Sirwinski

Linda Wehrli's first piano
My first piano. I was smitten.

At age 6, my first piano teacher, Mrs. Lindstrom guided me through the basics until we moved to the San Fernando Valley during my middle school years. We were lucky to find Esther Lee Caplan of Juliard who later introduced me to her mentor, Mario Feninger of European conservatory fame. It was a bad blind date that introduced me to my mentor and teacher, John Novello of Berklee School of Music. He was performing with a trio at a local supper club. We had primo seats by the pianist. What I saw and heard made my jaw drop. Before I could stop myself, I went up to John and told him he that he was “the first pianist I ever heard perform root canal on the piano”. He cracked up and gave me his card when I asked if he taught. My success as a piano teacher is in large part due to his coaching.

My parents insisted on a college education for me. As luck would have it, all the UCLA Business Department professors were teaching at CSUN to earn their PhDs while I was enrolled. Smartly, I switched from the English department to the new business department and earned my degree in business administration and marketing. It was the toughest 5 years of my life, but worth it. I can also share my business admin and marketing savvy with my more serious students who aspire to start their own art or piano careers.

While helping my hubby, Barry Wehrli write our series of piano books, I learned on the job how to arrange music. The reason my hubby and I toiled for what seemed endlessly, to develop and publish our own piano books was because we wanted to make learning piano more comprehensive and engaging for our students and provide a vital teaching tool for fellow piano teachers. There just weren’t any fun and thorough books available, so we wrote our own. Click here for more information about our incredible piano books and materials.

Sharing knowledge is my gardening. I love planting the seeds and seeing them grow in the community. Sharing my time with community organizations is like gardening on steroids. I have the privilege of providing free art and piano lessons to CoachArt kids who are undergoing treatment for life threatening illnesses. As Arts & Education Committee Chair of the Greater Valley Glen Council, my committee has vetted and spent taxpayer dollars on arts and education programs for local schools, bringing live theater and other creative experiences to children who would otherwise never have had the exposure.


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Crackers, My first dog, Crackers.
Crackers, my first pet.